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Tytuł odcinka: Doctor Who and the Silurians, Episode Four
Premiera odcinka: 21-02-1970
Scenariusz: Malcolm Hulke
Reżyseria: Timothy Combe
Gościnnie występują: Geoffrey Palmer (Masters), Ian Talbot (Travis), Dave Carter (Old Silurian), Paul Darrow (Captain Hawkins), Peter Miles (Dr. Lawrence), Fulton Mackay (Dr. Quinn), Peter Halliday (Silurians), Ian Cunningham (Dr. Meredith), Norman Jones (Major Baker), John Churchill (Silurian), Thomasine Heiner (Miss Dawson), Pat Gorman (Silurian), (Silurian), Simon Cain (Silurian)

Opis odcinka: The Doctor returns to the caves to look for the silurians. He then attempts to get peace agreed between them and the humans before war breaks out.